The Coyote Club

of Lowell High School

Mission Statement: To support the coyotes in our midst by educating the San Francisco public about coyote behavior around their den when they are raising pups and how humans, dogs and coyotes can peacefully coexist.

Why: We think it is really cool that, in addition to red-tailed hawks, gophers, owls and blue herons inhabiting our city parks, coyotes have returned and now live here.

We were inspired to create leaflets, this website and a Facebook page after watching Melissa Peabody's film, San Francisco - Still Wild at Heart and after listening to a conversation captured in this video that our teacher recorded:

Other resources:
The Coyotes of Golden Gate Park Facebook page.
Project Coyote - an organization dedicated to promoting peaceful coexistence.
Janet Lessler's photo albums of San Francisco coyotes
Dina Boyer's photo-documentation of coyotes in Golde Gate Park and blog post about our leaflets.
Funny video on How to Haze a Coyote (but don't do this near its den).